Workshops on writing research articles, funding proposals and technical reports in English

By: Gadi Rothenberg 

Hard at work at the NWO WiR workshop.Communicating your results effectively is an important skill. We all want to get our work published, read, understood and noticed. In our Write it Right (WiR) workshops you will learn how to:

  • Write clear technical English
  • Structure your document effectively
  • Enhance titles and graphics
  • Make an impact
WiR workshops are intended for PhD students, postdocs, researchers and managers who wish to with to make the most of their results. Each workshop mixes lectures and exercises. Discussion is always encouraged. Our courses aim to help participants with writing either successful scientific publications, grant proposals or technical reports.
We adopt a practical, "hands on", approach. This starts with getting people to actually write about their work. Guided by trainers actively involved in this process, the combination of lectures, exercises, and individual advice, aim to improve the quality and impact of participants' writing.

History: The WiR project was born as an "in-house" course in the Faculty of Science at the University of Amsterdam, initiated by Gadi Rothenberg & Christopher Lowe. Following the success of this course we joined the excellent "soft skills" training initiative of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research), where WiR workshops were a permanent (and popular!) feature.

We also give WiR workshops at other institutes, all over Europe, but not too often since we're both full-time researchers. There are various workshop formats, aimed at writing papers, funding proposals, and technical reports. If you want to organise a WiR workshop at your institute, please contact us.

  • The next WiR workshop will be held at the Elite Study Program Macromolecular Science in Bayreuth on Monday and Tuesday, 9-10 October, 2023. This workshop is organised by Bayreuth University. For more information on this workshop please contact the organiser.



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