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Here are some photos taken during WiR courses and workshops
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Same tie, different castle Christopher's tie matches the royal decorations in Slot Zeist The winners of the peer-review workshop (21 March 2006) pose with Rembrandt as a backdrop and Gadi in the corner. Elske and Christopher are giving their full attention to the group presentation Elske Leenders is the winner of the 'Best Manuscript' prize in WiR 2005 Francine Jellesma, proud winner of the WiR masterclass, shares her prize with friends. Kristel Janssen (and friend) proudly displaying the WiR NWO workshop prize Everyone is hard at workEveryone is hard at workEveryone is hard at work Erik Zuidema, proudly displaying the WiR prize for "Best Manuscript" 2004 Q&A with Christopher Lowe
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